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Kanthi of Gold-story

 Bindo was the girl of the postmen. His father Raisahab lived in a cell in Sagarpesh in Nirmalchand's Kothi. What is the income of the postman? The expenditure was always more than the income; So Bindo and her mother never got good jewelry and clothes. Bindo was beautiful, and was fond of fine jewelry and clothes. Women are naturally worshipers of beauty; They are as beautiful as they are, (their beauty is enchanted. But the beautiful point was the yearning for jewelery and clothing. Sometimes Teej-festival or Kam-kothi is due to Raisahab's surrender. He calls for Bindo's mother. And would go to Bindo with her mother. Seeing Raisaheb's girls, her shining diamond-pearl jewelry and silk dresses, which further brightened her look, she became more upset, especially because Raisahab's The girls were not beautiful, looked like jewels - as if they were wrapped in a stick. Bindo opined that only those who are beautiful should have the right to wear nice clothes and ornament

Rupa -a girl Story

 The inexplicable bell made everyone restless. It is not even half an hour, the matron is in jail. Then how did that bell come immediately? Fearing prison life, the sisters thought, perhaps their own release had come to a decision whose visitors had not arrived for a long time, speculating that perhaps someone had come to visit them. Those who were waiting for some kind of goods, they understood, their goods must have come. My three-year-old daughter Mamta came running, and wrapped me around her neck and said, Amma wake up, come on! Bell rang. The gate will open. Today we are also going to leave. I knew how hopeless his hope was, yet to keep his mind, he walked towards the gate. The Jamadarine fasted, took care of herself; Opening the lock, he opened the gate. A twenty-four-year-old woman with an assistant jailer appeared and stood quietly on one side. Her clean clothes and solemn posture led many sisters to speculate that this too was probably a Rajabandini. The jailer summoned Jamada

Two Friends-Story

 Both Anand and Vinay were childhood companions. Both studied together from primary school to high school. Now both came to college together. The two had a very close friendship. However, there was also a considerable amount of diversity of thought at the same time. The nature of the two was very different - Anand East and Vinay West. Anand loved his name very much. By nature he was generous, conch, lover, sociable and to some extent arrogant. He had no value for money. From the day he came to the money order, he would spend continuously from the day until his money was repaid. He pays attention to equal friends, a lot of money will be wasted in it, he does not remember whether he has to pay college fees or ten more expenses which will cost up to a month. Even after getting close to two rupees from other students, he was borrowed from the hotel and paanwale every month, with none of the boys sitting with him, at which Anand never spent anything or anything. Ho. In contrast, Vinay was r

Ring discovery - Subhadra Kumari Chauhan

 On the evening of Chaiti Purnima, Dhritri was bathed with milk. With the sweet touch of the spring, the whole world became unconscious in self-forgetfulness of a kind of happiness. A narcotic ragini ala arose in the cuckoo fifth voice, hidden on a piece of mango. With the clump of trees, pieces of moonlight began to make uproads; But there was neither happiness nor peace in my life. Even at this time, while all the creatures of the world were becoming ecstatic, I was contemplating the oddities of my life lying on a green coach in a corner in the company garden. Tinkering with the leaves of the tree, the little ones were like me with pieces of moonlight. I closed my eyes; Still I could not make any kind of peace. Today I was very sad. By the way, it was very small; But the touch of a small speck on a bruised wound is enough. Only on a small matter, there was a fierce movement in my heart, who could know him except me. At the same time, some girls; She came out of me. I clearly heard th