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Grow you and share your uniqueness with the world. Amit Ray The mind can organize the world so well that you can no longer see it. Anthony De Mello Knowing our power makes us humble. Paul Cezanne Awareness is the key to success. If you have it, teach it, if you don't have it, look for it. Michael Kitson Awareness in our society has removed all forms of injustice from his head. Serj Tankian Our awareness is key. It is our awareness beyond our work effort that gets the right results right now. Mark Victor Hansen It is excused not to say anything unknowingly; there is no excuse for silence when it comes to awareness. Joshua Ferris You have to live a life of self-denial. Sunday Adelaja Awareness of our environment is constantly evolving in all countries with a variety of stores. Jacques Yves Cousteau Awareness without action is useless. Phil Mcgraw What is needed to change a person is to change his self-esteem. Abraham Maslow Knowing about a person's

Guest-Rabindranath Tagore Story

 The landlord of Kanthalia, Matilal Babu, was going to his house by boat with his family. On the way, in the afternoon, while holding a boat near a mandi on the banks of the river, we were organizing a meal, meanwhile a Brahmin-child came and asked, "Babu, where are you going?" Will not be more than fifteen-sixteen years of age. Mati Babu replied, "Kanthaliya." The Brahmin-child said, "You will take me to Nandigram on the way" Babu gave his approval and asked, "What is your name?" The Brahmin-child said, "My name is Tarapad." Gauravarna child was very beautiful to see. Big eyes and beams were seen with big eyes on his lips. Used to do dirty washing in the name of clothes. There was no climax in the buried body, as if a craftsman had diligently crafted an innocent, shapely form. It is as if he had been ascetic in his previous life and due to the effect of pure austerity, a lot of the extra part of his body has rotted and a Samrat Brahmin

Value of Flower: Rabindranath Tagore

 Those were winter days. The plant had become leafless due to winter cold. Weeds engulfed the forest. In the absence of flowers, the plants were seen withering. In such a depressed environment, a gardener was delighted to see a lotus flower feeding in the middle of a lake. The gardener's name was Sudas. Never had such a beautiful flower blossomed in his lake. Sudas was fascinated by the beauty of that flower. He thought that if I take this flower to Raja Saheb, he will be happy. Raja Saheb was crazy about the beauty of flowers. When there is a shortage of flowers in this winter, there was a hope of getting the desired price by seeing such beautiful flowers. During this time, the cold wave started. Sudas felt that this wind was also expressing his happiness over the lotus bloom. The gardener felt all these auspicious signs. He could not move seeing the lotus flower of Sahastradal. He took the flower and walked towards the palace. He was immersed in the desire for the award he wanted

Kabuliwala - a Rabindranath Tagore story

I cannot live without talking for a moment to my five-year-old baby girl Mini. She must have spent only one year learning the language after his arrival in the world. Since then she is not able to sleep much longer, she does not lose even a single moment of that time in silence. Her mother often scolds her and stops her moving tongue; But I do not do that. Minnie's silence makes me feel so unnatural, that I don't feel pain for long and so I keep exchanging her feelings with more enthusiasm. At the beginning of the seventeenth chapter of my novel, I held my hand that Minnie came and started saying, "Baba! Ramdayal Durban called 'Kak' a crow yesterday. He doesn't know anything, doesn't he, Baba?" Before she would tell me anything about the diversity of the world's languages, he started another incident, "Baba! Bhola used to say that the sky throws mouth water, it rains. Well Baba, Bhola says lies?" " Empties, and keeps talking day and

Value of love-Rabindranath Tagore

 Brihaspati was the guru of the younger deities. He sent his son Kutch to the world to learn the secret of immortal life from Shankaracharya. Kach was ready to go to heaven after getting education. At that time, he had come to take leave of his guru's daughter Devayani. Kach- "Devayani, I have come to say goodbye. My education has been completed in the footsteps of your father. Please allow me to go to heaven." Devyani- "Your wish is fulfilled. You have come to know the secret of the immortality of life, which the gods have always wanted, but think a little, is there anything else you can wish for?" Kutch- "None." Devayani- "Absolutely not? Torte your heart a little and see if there is a small wish that is buried?" Kach- "The sun of my morning life has now come in the right light. The light of the stars has been dimmed by its light. Now I have come to know the secret which is the immortality of life." Devayani- "So there will

One Day Guest: Nirmal Verma (Story)

 He put his suitcase in front of the door. Pressed the bell button and waited. The house was silent. No movement - there was confusion for a moment that there is no one in the house and he is standing in front of the empty house. He took out the handkerchief and wiped the sweat, put his air bag on the suitcase. Pressed the button again and began to hear ears from the door, an open window behind the veranda was hitting the air. He turned back and looked up. It was a two-story house - like other street houses - with black roof, sloping both sides in English 'V' shape, and a white stone wall in the middle, with the house number one black dot on its forehead. . The windows above were closed and the curtains fell. Where can we go now? He went to the backyard of the house - the same lawn, fence and shrubs he had seen two years earlier, with Willow bouncing his twigs like a black, old bear in the middle. But the garage was open and empty; They had taken the car somewhere, they might h