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Alfred North Whitehead Quotes | A N Whitehead Quotes


 Alfred North Whitehead OM FRS FBA was a mathematician and English philosopher. He is best known as an interpreter of a school of philosophy known as the philosophical process.In this article I wrote best Thoughts of Alfred North Whitehead.

When you are mediocre, you will be the same distance from the bottom and from the top, on both sides.

Silly questions are the first sign of an entirely new development.

Religion is the last refuge of human life.

Not only do you have to have an idea, you also have to work on it.

Mistake is the price we pay for progress.
alfred north whitehead quotes

Let your work speak; The time for words has passed, and only your deeds will suffice.

From the very beginning of his education, the child should be made to experience the joy of discovering something new.

Every new idea seems crazy in the beginning.

Art thrives where there is a sense of adventure.

Almost all ideas, when they first came up, seemed silly.

A great deal of our mature experience cannot be expressed in words.
alfred north whitehead quotes,best quotes

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