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Nikola Tesla Quotes And Sayings

  Nikola Tesla's Quotes And Sayings   All information or form of pregnancy is caused by the eye, either due to disturbances found directly in the retina or in their second blurred results and retardation.  Archimedes was my favorite.  As in nature, everything is flexible, everything is wave motion, so it seems that in all branches of the industry, the change of currents - the movement of electric waves - will be stronger.  Strangely, my first hiring was an artist.  Electrical science has revealed the intimate relationship that exists between different forces and phenomena and has thus led us to a fuller understanding of Nature and its many manifestations of our senses.  Electrical science has revealed the true nature of light, provided countless electronic devices and precision tools and has thus greatly enhanced the accuracy of our knowledge.  Nikola Tesla Quotes And Sayings Every living thing is an engine driven by the wheels of space. We are leaving the incandescent mass, and we