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Nikola Tesla Quotes And Sayings


 Nikola Tesla's Quotes And Sayings 

nikola tesla quotes

 All information or form of pregnancy is caused by the eye, either due to disturbances found directly in the retina or in their second blurred results and retardation.

 Archimedes was my favorite.

 As in nature, everything is flexible, everything is wave motion, so it seems that in all branches of the industry, the change of currents - the movement of electric waves - will be stronger.

 Strangely, my first hiring was an artist.

 Electrical science has revealed the intimate relationship that exists between different forces and phenomena and has thus led us to a fuller understanding of Nature and its many manifestations of our senses.

 Electrical science has revealed the true nature of light, provided countless electronic devices and precision tools and has thus greatly enhanced the accuracy of our knowledge.

 Nikola Tesla Quotes And Sayings

Every living thing is an engine driven by the wheels of space.

We are leaving the incandescent mass, and we are going to turn into ice.

 From an early age, I had dreamed of becoming a priest.

 I built a laboratory in the Pike's Peak area.

 I do not think that there is any joy in the human heart like the one experienced by the founder as he sees certain brain creations emerge from success.

 I don’t think you can say a lot of fictional things made by married men.

Nikola Tesla Quotes 

 I have already shown, with a crucial test, the possibility of signing my plan from one place to another in any part of the world, no matter how far away, and I will soon convert unbelievers.

 I personally avoid all stimulants.

 If we want to alleviate poverty and misery, if we want to provide everyone who deserves what it takes to secure a secure life for an intelligent creature, we want to provide more equipment, more power.

 In the near future, it will be able to illuminate any image created on the screen and make it visible anywhere you want.

 By the 21st century, the robot would have taken over the place where slave labor was practiced in ancient civilization.

 It is strange, yet true, to say that the more we know, the more ignorant we become, for it is only through enlightenment that we realize our limitations.

 It seems I have always been ahead of my time.

 Modern science says: ‘The sun is gone, the earth is now, the moon is the future.

 In various branches of electrical research, perhaps the most interesting and immediate promise is the one that deals with the exchange of currents.

Nikola Tesla Quotes And Sayings

 Our strengths and weaknesses are inseparable, like strength and matter.

 The earth is very rich, and when its profit fails, the nitrogen released from the air will reproduce in her womb.

 It keeps growing in me the feeling that I was the first to hear the greetings of one planet to another.

 Waterfall harness is a very economical method known for absorbing sunlight.

 Scientific history shows that theories are disappearing.

 Man is a fully automated automaton under the control of external influences.

 Twenty-first-century newspapers will not only give a 'stick' to the back pages of crime stories or political controversies but will be the main headline on the front pages announcing a new scientific vision.

 The man of science does not aim for immediate results.

 Modern scientists think critically instead of specifying.

Quotes Of Nikola Tesla

He is like a floating ocean that swells like the waves of a turbulent sea.
His job is to lay the groundwork for those who are to come, pointing the way.
His work is like that of an investor - of the future.
I loved the works of the artists, but in my mind, it was just a shadow.
I instituted a process for this purpose in 1900.
I hated drawing; to me, it was a very bad temper.

Best Nikola Tesla Quotes And Sayings

In times past, a law governing the survival of the fittest would likely have eliminated the most undesirable species.
It was completed fourteen years later under the war pressure of German pharmacists.
It will be almost impossible to catch the germs of disease or injury in the city, and the rural people will come to the city to rest and recover.
Let the future speak the truth, and examine each one according to his work and achievements.
Man, like the universe, is a machine.
The law of nature is merciless, and sooner and later we are drawn to our own destruction.
One has to have a mind to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be crazy.
Some nerve organs can only express emotions that are not real and that no pregnancy can develop.

Nikola Tesla Quotes And Sayings

Power is our pillar, the main source of our energy.
Indeed, one of the most satisfying results of intelligent evolution is the continued openness of new and great hopes.
Such diets, in addition, charge our digestive organs less, and, in making us more satisfied and social, produce an amount of good that is hard to measure.
The fresh air conditions in the Colorado Mountains seemed very good in my experiments, and the results were very pleasing to me.
The explorer can distinguish them in many ways, and, if it were not something else, he can see the excitement.
Man is no different from the natural order.

Nikola Tesla Quotes

The inventor, I thought, provides the physical, living, and the functional universe.
The completeness of these ways of learning the mind will create a better chance for all of our social relationships.
The struggle for existence has diminished, there must be progress in the right way rather than in material things.
Then a new sense of human compassion began to interfere with the cruel operation of nature.
This hope was hanging in my head like a dark cloud.
Although it seems to affect only the surrounding environment, the area of ​​external influence extends beyond the horizon.

Quotes By Nikola Tesla

To me, a universe is simply a giant machine that has never existed and that never will.
When they separate, the person no longer exists.
Though deliberately visible and foreordained, his actions are not governed internally, but externally.
With all the new facts being revealed we gain a better understanding of Nature and our ideas and opinions are correct.

  The spread of civilization can be likened to a fire; first, a small spark, then a blazing flame, then a large flame that grows faster and faster.

 The tendency among eugenists is the view that we should make marriage more difficult.

Quotes Of Nikola Tesla

 Global water use and long-distance transmission will provide the whole city with cheap energy and will eliminate the need for fuel combustion.

 The year 2100 will see eugenics established worldwide.



 There is no contradiction between the virtues of religion and the theory of science, but science contradicts theology because science is based on truth.

 There is no doubt that some plant foods, such as oatmeal, are more economical than meat, and much higher in terms of mechanical and mental performance.

 There is no memory or intellectual capacity based on a lasting vision.

 Nikola Tesla Sayings And Quotes 

Modern scientists have replaced mathematics with experiments, and they have roamed about equation after equation, and have finally built an unrelated structure.

 Soon we will have all kinds of smoke extinguishers, dust-absorbers, disinfectants, waterborne disinfectants, air, food and clothing, and road safety, highways, and subway trains.

 We wrap the metal ring with coils; we establish a connection with the generator, and with astonishment and joy we notice the effects of the supernatural power we put into play, allowing us to transform, transmit and direct power at will.

 If the coil works with very high-frequency curves, good brush effects can be achieved, even if the coil is relatively small in size.

 In theory, it is as if you are ascending a dull height: At first, they cause discomfort and you long to go down, do not trust your strength; but soon the distance from the chaos of health and the stimulating effect of elevation calms your blood; your step becomes firm and confident and you start to look - the height of dizziness.

As a result, we continue to live and reproduce.

Certainly, no one who is a desirable parent should be allowed to give birth.

Fortunately, it wasn't too long before I was getting the job I was looking for, that of being a senior electrician in a telecommunications company.

He does not expect his developed ideas to be taken lightly.

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