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Alone Quotes And Sayings



Hey, you're not alone! Read these loneliness quotes to help you invite happiness back inside.

These uplifting loneliness quotes can help you deal with loneliness and the feeling of loneliness. These are feelings that we can all associate with. Each of us is there for some reason.

No one likes to be alone. As human beings, we intend to be social and these quotes about loneliness tell us what happens when we feel that the connection is missing in our lives.

Being alone for a while is not the same as the deep pain of loneliness, these loneliness quotes explain a lot.

 Language ... has created the word 'loneliness' to express the pain of loneliness. It also created the word 'living alone' to reflect the glory of being alone. Paul Tillich

One can be alone as long as one does not want to be alone, one will not love freedom; because it is only when he is truly free.Art Arthur Schopenhaur

All our unhappiness stems from our inability to be alone. Jean De La Bruyere

Alone we can do very little; together we can do so much more. Helen Keller

And if you wouldn’t like it, the best thing to do next was to quit. L.M. Montgomery

Being able to be alone. Do not lose the benefits of being alone, with your community. Thomas Browne

Isolation sometimes does not mean that you always want to isolate yourself; it simply means that you need a place to see things clearly. Wasim Shaw

To be alone is to be alone well: to be alone comfortably focused on the actions you have chosen, to know the fullness of your presence rather than the absence of others. Because being alone is a success. An Alice Koller

I don't want to be alone, I want to be left alone. An Audrey Hepburn

I have a great, practical vision, [and] I think I'm really scared to be alone; because if I was left thinking about myself, I would just go crazy. Claire Danes

I like being alone. I have never found a friend who was as friendly as being alone. H Henry Henry Thoreau

I think it is good for a person to spend time alone. It gives them a chance to find out who they are and why they live alone. Amy Sedaris

Better a poor horse than no horse at all.George Washington

It is much better to be alone than to be with you. An Ann Landers

Nothing can bring you peace without you. Ralph Waldo Emerson

People think that being alone makes you feel lonely, but I don't think that is true. Surrounded by bad people is the most lonely thing in the world. Kim Culbertson

People who can tolerate solitude are often the worst company. Albert Guino



Pray that your loneliness will motivate you to find something to live for, big enough to die for. Dag Hammarskjold

Being alone is the preferred way to separate your soul. Isolation is what you wish for if you neglect the first one. Wayne Cordeiro

Being alone is a very profound fact of human nature. Man is the only one who knows that he is alone. Octavio Paz

Sometimes life is too hard to be alone, and sometimes life is too good to be alone. Elizabeth Gilbert

Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you still can. Anonymous Author

The best part about being alone is that you don't have to answer to anyone. You do what you want. Justin Timberlake

Extreme poverty is loneliness, as well as feelings of inadequacy. Mother Teresa

A person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a person. His heart withers if he does not respond to another heart. Her mind shrinks when she only hears the echoes of her thoughts and finds no further inspiration. Pee S. S. Buck

The problem is not solitude, but loneliness. One can be lonely in a crowd, don't you think? Christine Feehan

We fight alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only with our love and friendship can we create the illusion right now that we are not alone. Orson Welles

What a wonderful miracle to finally discover what it would be like to not be alone. Ellen Burstyn

The more we realize that we are alone, the more we need others. Ronald Anthony


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