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Motive Sayings and Quotes

Motive Sayings and Quotes

Motive Sayings and Quotes

The wrong motive includes defeat. Mary Baker Eddy

Action is good when the agent's motive is good, regardless of the consequences. Immanuel Kant

But if we have never done anything unless we are convinced that our motives are pure, we would never do it. C.J. Sansom

The way to find out, to keep it, the way to bring happiness back to reality is always for many men a secret motive for everything he does, and for everything he is willing to put up with. William James

Generally, we do well to allow for rival goals only. We rarely see them. Our motives for such incidents are often worse than the ones we attack.W. E. Channing

It is the only motivation that gives real value to men’s actions, and the lack of interest puts Jean De La Bruyere down

It is the only motivation that gives morality to men's actions. Jean De La Bruyere

Living regularly takes on the character of your motivation.J. G. Holland

Love gives the impetus to obey the commands of the law, but the law provides a clear direction for showing love. Jerry Bridges

Men sometimes have strange motives for their actions. Matthew Hopkins

Motive  Quotes and Sayings 

The motive is not easy. Sometimes it only happens to one later. John Hawkes

Never give the opponent a bad motive than yours. John M. Barrie

There is no pure motive. No one is good or bad — but it is a mix of your heart for both. And sometimes life actually gives you away. Carrie Fisher

One of the strongest motivations for wanting to work for yourself is to see that you could die at any time - you are the only one who should begin to see this.G. I. Gurdjieff

Our motives and thoughts ultimately affect our actions. Dieter F. Uchtdorf

People have motives and thoughts that they do not realize. Albert Ellis

Motive Sayings and Quotes

Pure motives will never justify dirty or violent acts. Mahatma Gandhi

Pure motives do not guarantee complete results.Christian Nestell Bovee

Distance is useless if one has a purpose. Jane Austen

The basic motive for true teaching is the love that you want and learn and that works. Robert Grudin

The key to motivation is motivation. That's why. Yes — deep! internal heat that makes it easier to refuse is less important. Stephen Covey

The motivation of fear of omnipotence and religious destiny.H. L. Mencken

Motivational force is the cause of all life. Leonardo da Vinci

The best motive is the good of society. Virgil

The only strong reason why we can persuade men to exercise self-control is to love Jesus' religion. Marion G. Romney

The true value of the soul is largely revealed by the motive it expresses in the actions of others and in their own actions. John Petit-Senn

Controlling some form of self-control is the secret motive of every selfish person. Wallace D. Wattles

It is a source of great power. Bertrand Russell

We do many things for reasons without the motive of profit. We want to leave the world better than we got. Tim Cook


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