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100+ Vegetable Name in English with Picture

 Complete list of all vegetable names in Indian English with images. A vegetable is a part of a plant that humans and animals eat as food. The product that plants produce in the form of vegetables includes various parts of plants such as leaves, roots, stems, flowers, fruits, seeds, etc. The name of the vegetable These are the parts of plants that are used to eat fresh or can be used in many ways. As we all know, every living thing needs food to survive. The process of growing and growing vegetables began in ancient times. There are some properties of vegetables that are used to cook food and the rest of the vegetables can also be eaten as fruits. Vegetables contain starch, carbohydrates, calories, vitamins, and minerals such as iron and calcium, which are essential for body nutrition. Fresh vegetables contain fewer calories and plenty of water. Top 5 vegetable Name Potato Tomato Brinjal Cauliflower Onion Top 10 Vegetable Name Onion Potato Tomato Lady's finger brinjal Cauliflower